A Curated Cannabis Experience

VYB was started with the intention of bringing together cutting-edge technology and modern processing techniques to create premium Cannabis products. Our super-critical C02 extraction and distillation method produces golden translucent cannabinoid concentrates, free of all solvents. Our commitment to the wellness of our patients means all products are third-party tested for safety and efficacy.

The synergy between our four proprietary Terpene and Cannabinoid blends help deliver the most robust effect specific results in the industry.

These four effects (Boost, Peak, Float, and Fade), each target a different physical and psychoactive benefit that can be derived through our Terpene and Cannabinoid extractions. Whether a lozenge, chocolate bar, or the raw extracted material itself, the products are individually infused with one of the four effects, and delivered to their patients in appropriate dosages and consumption methods.

Interested in carrying VYB products? Email info@getvyb.com for details.